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It is the world around us and what we do within it. It is part of the identity that describes us, the experiences that make us, us. Individuals originate from an ethnic foundation all around the globe. Every culture is unique. Over the years, it is noticeable that culture. Respect is an important way of being kind and good to other people.

We live in a society that respect is earned not given.

With respect there is also an opposite side of disrespect. The definition of respect is to consider worthy of high regard. There are different forms of respect, the word respect is defined as the condition of being esteemed or honored. Disrespect, on the other hand, is defined as a lack of respect. Respect has great importance in everyday life; everyone wants to be respected.

Religion and Morality

Jones, so I was able to adapt my negotiation style and was more inclined to concede on certain issues that would move the negotiations forward. I understood if we were to walk away with a signed agreement that day it was imperative to respect their culture and build Guanxi. In the planning stages we decided on an integrative negotiation style and were willing to make a number of concession to achieve our BATNA, as we had prioritised the most desirable needs and wants for Universal.

Having prior knowledge. We chose to focus on Native American culture due to their unique methods of communication.

What makes this culture so distinct is the way in which they encompass their values into their communication methods. Their communication methods are unlike most cultures and are even utilized within Western culture in modern day.

Religion is a specific set of organised beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group. There are many different religions, with different rituals and teachings, but they all teach that life has a spiritual dimension, and that connecting with that dimension through meditation or prayer or other practices is good for us. Spirituality is more of an individual practice, and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others.

The first way you can begin to respect different forms of spirituality is to learn about them. People come to spirituality for different reasons.

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Words of God. Stephen Law. He researches primarily in the philosophy of religion. He lives in Oxford. Edited by Nigel Warburton.

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When contemporary atheists criticise religious beliefs, they usually criticise beliefs that only crude religious thinkers embrace. Or so some people claim. Those making this kind of response often appeal to the later work of Ludwig Wittgenstein — in particular, to remarks he made in Lectures and Conversations on Aesthetics, Psychology and Religious Belief and Culture and Value , both published posthumously.

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Wittgenstein made a number of interesting, if rather cryptic, comments about religious belief in these books, and did seem to suggest that such atheist criticisms miss their mark. This is not to say that contemporary atheist criticisms of faith are good — they might not be. But why not?

Religion and Conflict

However, this raises further questions:. I map out the three main contenders below. But if no religious claim is made, then there is nothing for atheist critics to contradict or indeed refute. If God exists is used not to make a claim but in some other way, how is it used? One suggestion is expressivism, which says that sentences such as God exists are used by religious people to express emotions or attitudes. For example, God exists might be used to express an intense form of optimism or a feeling of awe and reverence.

Perhaps when religious people say God exists , they are in effect saying Oh wow! Yet these are the questions to which atheist critics demand answers. Non-cognitivist accounts of how religious language is used really do have the consequence that what religious people express using such language is not something that atheist critics might successfully contradict or refute. He also encourages us to focus on ordinary linguistic practice.

But ordinary religious linguistic practice does not appear to be what the non-cognitivist claims. The vast majority of religious people — including most self-styled Wittgensteinians — appear to use religious language to make a variety of metaphysical, historical and other claims. It usually matters very much to them that these claims are true.