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Educating Rita Paper

The next lesson, Rita does not have her essay, which annoys Frank. Rita reveals Denny burned all her things though out of anger because she is changing and trying to improve herself.

Educating Rita Essay

Denny feels scared and betrayed by her changes, and believes that they already have choices. She tells him later that she felt all wrong to show up. Frank tells her that none of that matters, that she only had to be herself, but she gets offended and feels like he wants to show her off as an attraction.

Rita starts to become more like the world of academia that Frank hates.

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She gets a new flatmate, starts speaking differently, and continues her lessons. When Frank gives her negative comments on an essay, she accuses him of only wanting a copy of himself. They fight, but when he tells her that he read Rubyfruit Jungle and liked it, which makes her laugh. Rita gets busier and busier and eventually, their meetings are few. Frank is upset by the school forcing him to take a sabbatical and he prepares to go to Australia without Julia.

One day, Rita comes by and mention that he has been a great teacher. She tells him that she has something to give him, and the play closes with her giving him a haircut. The play deals with the ideas of social class and what it means to be educated. It is up to the reader to decide if Rita was changed for the better by her lessons or if she became exactly what Frank hated about academia.

She would also be wearing the dress that Frank buys her in Act 2, scene 7. Her hair would be in an elegant French plait to indicate that she is no longer the old Rita, who would have thrown her hair into a quick ponytail, but had morphed into someone who has the time and knowledge to make the most of what she has got.

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Most of all, her appearance will be a major piece of evidence that Rita has become a conventional woman and has left her old self behind. By now their relationship has changed. I would show that Rita no longer needs Frank through the stage directions. Rita would not go to the window in the last scene because she no longer has to see what she wants — she has already got it.

There would be a palpable tension between the two characters established by their body language, which would be slightly awkward.

Educating Rita Summary

The implication is that Frank has created the Rita who stands before him and over whom he has now lost influence. This passage seems unnatural coming from Rita.

At the end of the play both Rita and Frank have come full circle. Frank has become more light-hearted and Rita is showing signs of her old self when talking about Tiger. She now knows what an educated lifestyle is like; she knows what wines, books and clothes to buy. Most importantly, she is now an independent woman with choice. She has got back what Denny, her friends and her family stole from her in her youth. The window would be open to show how Rita has influenced Frank and, like the breath of fresh air she has been compared to, has made his life more bearable and full of light.

Educating Rita – the Consequence of Change Essay

Will Frank be happy? Will Rita ever be fully satisfied? The audience will never know, but the birds singing in the background and the sun shining through the open window can give hope. Accessed October 18, Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours 23 : 59 : If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Educating Rita - GCSE English - Marked by

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