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This gives the audience the impression that they are looking at things through his eyes. The first shot of the beach is a low angled shot of the Hedgehogs which were used to stop boats entering the beach, this is followed by a long shot of boats approaching the beach. We then enter the boat and are shown the hands of soldiers shaking to show that the ordeal was obviously scary.

Also close ups of soldiers faces with terrified looks on them were used this was firstly to show how they felt but at the same time it was showing the audience who the main characters are. The following scene the instant chaos on the beach. A point of view shot of German turrets is used to show what the soldiers were heading towards. The audience the sees a view of from behind the soldiers on the boat using a medium close up, this makes you feel nervous and scared for the people involved.

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It is at this point that the audience really interacts with the action when the doors of the boat open and all soldiers are mowed down by machine gun fire. With the camera behind the soldiers it feels like you are being shot at and you can feel yourself dodging the bullets. The audience then sees the introduction of the handheld camera when a underwater shot is used when all soldiers jump in the sea.

They see people drowning and getting shot while they are in the water and the bright red of the blood stands out in the water. We can hear water splashing when we are above water but as soon as we go under the sound is muted and bullets flying into the water is the only sound.

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All this makes us feel we are the camera and the camera is in fact a person. This scene gave the impression that survival was impossible. The third scene in the first twenty-five minutes focuses the audiences attention on one character, Captain Miller and his confusion. In this scene we are plunged into the horrors of D-day with him and sense the carnage that he senses.

The audience begins by seeing a close up of Captain Millers face and the sound is muted and everything is slowed down.

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Gradually the sound of slowed explosions is heard and is accompanied by a over the shoulder shot from Captain Millers perspective. They then see jumpy shots of Captain Miller that alternate between this and the horror around him which is show using a over the shoulder shot.

The scene ends by showing the audience a soldier mouthing some words then a huge explosion and sound is reinstated and the soldier speaks asking what he should do next. In the final scene which is the end battle, we are shown Captain Miller resting ,after just capturing Omaha beach, and talking to Sergeant Howard. The audience sees a long shot of the beach after the soldiers have left and the chaos that has just occurred finals comes to life. We can see dead bodies everywhere and the sea is stained with blood.

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The viewers then see a close up shot of Captain Millers eyes as we are sent back to a low angled shot of the beach while gentle music fades into the sound of waves which is peaceful after the chaos is over. This shot establishes the scene and links to the title and gives a plot to the film.

I think the film was a good film as it is not a typical war film that only appeals to the older people it appeals to all people and effective at making the audience shocked. Saving Private Ryan. Accessed October 18, We will write a custom paper sample on Saving Private Ryan specifically for you.

The Enduring Horror of 'Saving Private Ryan'

For sheer dramatic intensity, this is perhaps the most important scene in Spielberg's peerless war drama, because in this moment, everything that the film has been trying to say suddenly makes sense. What Owen, who died in the trenches of the conflict, described as "the pity of war" is when men kill each other even though they don't want to.

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When Saving Private Ryan opened in the summer of its impact was uniquely powerful. Cinema patrons might have gone through the emotional wringer for James Cameron's Titanic, but Ryan was a different kind of blockbuster; one which left viewers feeling shellshocked, blown apart. The minute opening segment depicting the wholesale slaughter of the US army's D-Day assault on Omaha beach on June 6, is, unquestionably, the greatest battle sequence ever filmed. Seeing it in the cinema was like being trapped on some terrifying fairground ride and not being allowed to get off. Tales abounded of WWII veterans breaking down as the sheer realism and authenticity brought awful memories flooding back.

Private Ryan may be unique among war films for making a generation truly thankful that they didn't have to endure what their parents and grandparents went through. A reviewer for CNN. In , he directed both Amistad and The Lost World — fine examples of Spielberg the thinker and entertainer, but for his next directorial outing, the maestro was determined to construct something truly monumental.

As an education in the horror of , Ryan is a worthy expansion of what Spielberg achieved a few years earlier with Schindler's List. Arguably, however, the great man's D-Day opus is not the perfectly self-contained work that Schindler is.

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Between the carnage that opens the film and the desperate battle that ends it, Ryan is a traditional "men on a mission" movie — albeit with deft Spielbergian subversions of the genre's cliches — that sometimes struggles to provide a meaningful discourse on war. The Observer's Philip French wrinkled his nose at what he deemed "flaccid discussion", while Empire noted "cheesy sinkholes in the script". Whatever the shortcomings of Robert Rodat's script, the cast are superb.

The mission leads Captain Miller's squad across war-ravaged Normandy to the titular Private Ryan an impossibly wholesome, utterly likeable Matt Damon. Ryan's three brothers have been killed in action and the military authorities have ordered that he be returned to his grieving mother.