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When One Door Closes Another Opens – God Will Open Another Door

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Here's what parents should know. Strange Maps Greater Adria, a lost continent hiding in plain sight. I will build on that message and push forward with the determination that I have a purpose and God is directing me to a place where I will succeed! Keep up the good words of encouragement! I would like to encourage many of us connected to Jermaine to join together in lifting up a prayer for Cameron. And Cameron, claim what is yours from the scripture. For when the Lord says you are healed, you are healed.

I am saying a prayer right now for you! Thank you jermaine for connecting us. I will focus on my positive aspects more now than ever before. Thank you so much. Thankso so much Jermaine. Hi Jermaine Good Evening. I appreciate your article because it fuel my persistence and cause my purpose to become my passion.

Thank you very for your encouragement, it was timely. Kindest Regards. I was also born with an infirmity in my left leg. It was broken 3 times. I feel very strongly that God will heal me.

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I have escaped a complete amputation because Jesus intervened. I use crutches but I can travel without pain. I know God has an answer that is better than I can ask or think. He simply wants me to stand and believe. We will have to get music ready for the children. Please pray for me and my ability with the keyboard. Thanks Jermaine for everything. Sincerely Sharon. The truth of God comes through two or more witnesses.

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You are one of them! Jermaine could you remeber me in pray that God help me overcome my lazzyness and turn on the desire to hone my tillents. Your Brother in Christ Stevo. Once again Jermain, you you have nailed it. Wow, so amazing. I never new you could come out with something so great as these. What an inspiration. Men that was great Sir. That was a great one Sir. Dear Jermaine, This particular post has been most inspiring. It has also been encouraging to me as well.

Been through alot lately and just got laid off from work. Your post has reverberated what God wants me to do. I have been scared and really hope everything will work out well if I decide to let go of the closed door and Let God open up other doors to me. Your post is God reaffirming to me that it is safe for me to trust him absolutely.

Thanks for being a yielded vessel through whom God is speaking to His children. Bless you Bro. Thanks Jermaine, Man is going through a lot of hardships and disappointments. Nevertheless through this article iam encourage.

I am now going to focus on all the other opportunities God is going bring my way and promise for sure to forget about all the other misfortunes. Thanx God bless you for this life changing message. God Bless You.

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Thanks for this article, the Lord sent this to me through you. I had surgery and since my will to play left me. It is a sad testimony, for me to allow Satan to use the spirit of laziness on me. He woke me at 2am to check my email,so here I am sending you this at 3am. I felled down and he is picking me up for his purpose.

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Hey Jermaine, thanks for the sweet article! Happy Nu year. Kennedy, Uganda. Its so true, thats why as musicians we got to stay in the face of God, and if we do when changes come we will not be dismay, but to move forward in the promise land! Thanks so much Jermaine, for just inspiring me, not to try to be the best, but make sure God is please and he gets the glory!

Thanks for your encouraging word about life and new doors opening for us, as the Lord closes a different door. May He continue to richly bless your ministry to others. Uncle Jermaine, i want to thank God for your life because you have been a blessing to me and to countless people not only in my music career through the numerous materials on your website but also in stiring up and strenghtening my faith in God through your power posts.

Thank u so much. I want to thank you for sharing that ispiring article like you always do will us. I am a true believer that with your brilliant ideas , your help and me working hard will cause me not to give up but just succeed. I too had the priveledge of wearing braces as a child.

My writing life: When one door closes, another one opens

When the vaccine for POLIO was given to children I contracted it and did recover but not until a long therapy period and learning other skills,I went on in my school years to be academically an acheiver as well as physically a great runner and tough in everything else I do. CAN is my word and I am 58 now and still trying to accomplish playing pkeyboard. I finally got my GED and raised 11 children and survivind divorce and the death of my eldest son who did learn to play piano,harmonica,and citaar,He also sang beautifully in a Christian rock band,I was so proud of him and his accomplishments.

But he had no children and was only 28 when he passed away. It hapepened to me too on my congregation, our president rejected me as an organist and she replaced me to the guitarist. As herman said stop focusing on what his losing and focus on what to offer another congregation. May u continue to share all your talents of blessing on this site. God bless you always! Thanks jermaine.. I have a different sort of problem though and would appreciate your advice. I currently sing in my church choir and play the keyboard a little..

So what do you think, does God sometimes give us only a passion or am just forcing it? Golden truth in your story. We tend to take things for granted; such as health, another day; family; the power of choice. We should constantly show our appreciation for Grace by dedicating ourselves to improve. Talents come in a variety of ways. Thanks for the enlightenment! She included an instance of the full saying without attribution; hence, in modern times she often receives credit: 5. When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.