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Newspapers: Appearance is eye-catching and full of images e. Use Ulrichsweb to determine if a particular journal is academic in nature. Skip to main content. Popular Magazines and Newspapers. Academic Journals Popular Magazines and Newspapers Appearance is very formal and serious-looking and often contains graphs and charts and no glossy pictures. Articles report briefly on news items or subjects of interest to the general public. Every article contains cited references: footnotes or bibliographies, reference lists or works cited. Articles typically do not contain cited references.

Articles are all written by scholars in a particular discipline who have done extensive research in their field. Articles are written by staff writers or freelance journalists. The authors makes no assumptions about the background knowledge of the reader and the language is non-technical.

Newspaper Research Journal - Bridging the Gap.

Articles are usually structured and may include sections such as abstract, literature review, methodology, results and conclusion. Articles do not usually follow a particular structure. Each article is peer-reviewed critically evaluated by a board of experts in the discipline before publication.

Journals might also include opinion articles or editorials. Literature Review : An important part of nearly any research project, a literature review consists of a survey of previously published or non-published materials that focus on a particular subject under investigation. For example, a researcher looking into whether there is a relationship between musical aptitude and academic achievement in elementary age students would begin by looking for articles, books, and other materials that reflected previous research into this topic.

The function of the review is to identify what is already known about the topic and to provide a knowledge foundation for the current study. Magazine : A regularly published collection of articles that might focus on any topic in general or on topics of interest to a specific group, such as sports fans or music fans or home decorators. Magazines might be published weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or only several times a year. More commonly, magazines are published weekly or monthly.

Articles in magazines are typically written for the general reading public and don't reflect in-depth research an exception might be an investigative report written in a news magazine that involved weeks or months of research and interviews to complete. Most magazine articles do not list references and are written by the magazine's own staff writers. In general, magazine articles are easy to read, are fairly brief in length, and may include illustrations or photographs.

Finding Current Newspaper Articles

Magazines also rely heavily on advertisements targeted to consumers as a source of revenue. Newsletter : A regularly published collection of brief news articles of interest to members of a particular community.

Newspaper Research Journal

Professional associations might issue newsletters to keep their membership up to date. Businesses and schools might issue newsletters to keep their constituents up to date. Nearly any type of organization or society might have its own newsletter. Articles in newsletters are typically brief, and the entire newsletter itself might be only half a dozen pages in length. These are usually internal publications that have interest mainly to people who participate in the activities of the issuing body.

Prof. Robert G. Picard

They are frequently used to inform members of an organization of upcoming events. Newspaper : A regularly published collection of fairly brief articles that provide updates on current events and interests. Newspapers are generally published daily, weekly, and bi-weekly, although they may have less regular publication schedules.

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Most major newspapers publish daily, with expanded coverage on the weekends. Newspapers can be national or international in focus or might be targeted strictly to a particular community or locality.

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  8. Newspaper articles are written largely by newspaper staff and editors and often do not provide authors' names. Many of the articles appearing in national, international, and regional papers are written by various wire service writers and are nationally or internationally syndicated. Examples of wire services are Reuters and the Associated Press. Newspapers rely on advertising for a part of their income and might also include photographs and even full color illustrations of photos.

    A common feature of most newspapers is its editorial page, where the editors express opinions on timely topics and invite their readers to submit their opinions.

    What Does it Mean?

    Reviewers will carefully examine articles to ensure that they meet journal criteria for subject matter and style. The process ensures that articles are appropriate to a particular journal and that they are of the highest quality. Trade Journal : A regularly published collection of articles that address topics of interest to members of a particular profession, such as law enforcement or advertising or banking.

    How to Read a Research Paper

    Articles tend to be brief and often report on developments and news within a field and might summarize current research being done in a particular area. Trade journals might also include editorials, letters to the editor, photo essays, and advertisements that target members of the profession. While trade journal articles might include references, the reference lists tend to be brief and don't reflect thorough reviews of the literature. Articles are usually written with the particular profession in mind, but are generally pretty accessible so that a person wishing to learn more about the profession would still be able to understand the articles.

    Volume : Most journals and many magazines, newsletters, newspapers, and trade publications assign volume numbers to a year's worth or half a year's worth of issues.