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Even though the area is under Estonian and European Union protection, the area itself is heavily influenced by humans. He added that while up to now the explanations as to why the water levels kept changing were based on descriptions and speculation, the thesis will explain the fluctuation based on calculations and measurements. Other factors have been the changes in the vegetation in the area, and the variation of wetter and drier climate.

This is the first time we have ever directly measured ground water exchange in the bottom of Martiska lake, and it shows that ground water keeps flowing toward the wells.

Doctoral Theses

The sudden increase in pumping in enlarged the groundwater usage area to an extent in which the water level in the lake fell by 1. This is the first research in Estonia that focuses on the interaction of lakes and ground water.

There is also no recorded data in the world about ground water measuring before and after an increase in ground water usage. The Thesis is also scientifically interesting for discovering that ground water can infiltrate the lake through many metres of mud. Most models for calculating water flow in lakes consider that there is no water flow through mud. The author says it is vital to find a compromise in providing drinking water in Ida-Virumaa without completely destroying the lake ecosystems at the Kurtna district.

Professor Bart Schultz was there promoter. Both PhD fellows focused on irrigation optimization and performance in their country Ethiopia.

The summaries of their theses are described here. The prospects for the future are clear. Agriculture will have to respond to changing patterns of demand for food and combat food insecurity and poverty amongst marginalized communities.

Water Resources Engineering Requirements

In so doing, agriculture will have to compete for scarce water with other users and reduce pressure on the water environment. Moreover, water managers have to unlock the potential of agricultural water management practices to raise productivity of water, spread equitable access to water, and conserve the natural productivity of the water resource base.

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The field experiments were conducted during the dry season for two years.