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The Prose Reader: Essays for Thinking, Reading, and Writing

Sell Now click here! No Expire eBook. Abebooks Marketplace Used. Amazon Marketplace New. ValoreBooks Sell Back. Amazon Marketplace Used. CampusBookRentals Used. These include written assignments, readings from the text, review exercises, and more. Rhetorical Contents. The description of a simple, comforting ritual—the putting up of a front-porch swing in early summer—confirms the value of ceremony in the life of a small town.

Have you ever wondered what being in prison is like? Do you enjoy watching people? Prairie Home Companion creator Garrison Keillor draws some hilarious conclusions about pedestrians on a busy New York City street as they jump over a small stream of water. Do you think we will walk on Mars during your lifetime?

This description of the planet will prepare you for the next phase in our exploration of space.

A Native American author responds to prejudice with a search for ethnic and cultural pride. This fascinating essay describes how Brenda Combs, a homeless crack addict, rose out of the gutter to become an award-winning schoolteacher in Phoenix. The only daughter in a large family, Sandra Cisneros feels overwhelming pride when her father praises her skill as a writer. In this autobiographical essay, Pulitzer Prize—winning author Russell Baker offers a nostalgic look at his childhood days in the small town of Morrisonville, Virginia.

How can we measure the value of education?

If You're an Educator

Christopher Nelson has some answers that do not involve economics. Do you speak the same language in public that you do in private with your family and friends? Richard Rodriguez argues for the importance of both forms of communication. How should we treat the handicapped? Blind author Harold Krents gives us a few lessons in judging people on their abilities rather than their disabilities.

Critical Thinking Skills And Academic Achievements

Can social media help detect mental illness? And if it can, how should we respond?

#1 Decision Making

Jacobson offers some thoughts on both of these issues. Are you bound to your Blackberry, enslaved to your daily routine? Change is always difficult. But Kanchier offers several ways to handle change sensibly, based on interviews with others who have made positive changes in their lives. Making new friends as an adult is not like our childhood relationships.

Academic writing and Critical thinking 1

But Vozza has some effective suggestions for navigating this new terrain. According to this author, good communication follows one important rule: The type of communication must fit the situation. People can be smart in different ways, which Gilbert explains in this essay with examples to support her classification system. Are you an only child? A middle child? Or the youngest in your family? According to the author, our birth order can have a powerful effect on the way we live our lives.

Ever stretched the truth? Why do so many Asian students excel in school? What drives certain individuals to be leaders? This study of two historical figures helps us identify the characteristics of those who naturally take charge. Is surfing the Net ruining our minds?

How to Use Critical Thinking in Your Essay and Write Smarter

New York Times reporter Motoko Rich presents a balanced and intriguing analysis of the dangers and rewards of spending too much time online. Feminist Gloria Steinem examines the extent to which strength means sexual power.

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Can music really characterize a generation? Tierney says it can and set out to prove it in this essay. What makes an activity a sport? What about an Olympic sport? Norman has strong opinions to share on this topic. Everyone agrees that all bullying must be stopped, but very few have any concrete suggestions for doing so.

Critical Thinking Skills Essay

However, Svoboda offers some guidelines we need to consider for addressing virtual assault. Psychologist Mary Pipher attempts to answer this intriguing question by examining the effect that different categories of family members have on our ability to function in the world around us. Binge drinking is a dangerous type of drinking that Hanson claims is on the decline among current college students. Do you think society deals with drinking and youth responsibly?

Seen any good horror movies lately? Best-selling author Stephen King explains why we are so fascinated by films that appeal to our darker instincts. An angry and frustrated Michael Dorris describes the long-term damage done to his adopted son, Adam, by the ravages of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Why should we read literature? Can video games increase your ability to learn? Markman has some evidence that demonstrates some of the positive results of these games. How do you think the Internet is affecting your brain? Carr provides some startling evidence in this essay to prove that the Internet is dramatically changing the ways we think. Retired Col. Dave Grossman questions the role models we are creating for our kids through violence on TV. In this essay, he challenges us to regain control of child abuse, racism, and poverty in American society.

Are you aware of how people refer to mental health issues in their everyday lives? Are they always respectful of different mental illnesses in their references? Through this essay, Pugsley helps us build a sensitivity to these issues. When is social media constructive? When is it destructive?

Being aware of its advantages and disadvantages is part of improving our ability to communicate in society. How reliable is DNA evidence in the courtroom? In this speech, Watson suggests that we all share the responsibility of gender equity.