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Actually, an Oxford alumnus volunteered it. He's spending the year abroad. So rather than having the flat sit empty How lucky for you. Well, I assume that my good fortune isn't what brought you here. You are obviously here to talk to me about Winthrop's murder, which I'm sorry to say I know nothing about. We're going with the theory it's somebody at the university. Well, everyone knows that academics are all talk and no action. Does that include you? If it did, I would've stayed in my cozy little office on Manor Road lecturing women's writing and punting on the Cherwell on the weekends.

No skinny-dipping in Parson's Pleasure? Very good, Detective.

Did you memorize the Oxford tour guide on your way here? No, I spent a couple of weeks there once chasing coeds. Took you that long to catch one? I'm shocked. Well, that's very funny, Professor. Does Mark Bayley find you funny? He might, if he had a sense of humor.

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I don't know him that well. Well enough to buy him a pair of shoes. Just a gesture.

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You know graduate students. They never have a pot to piss in, and Bayley was on his uppers, literally. I see you like opera. These tickets for Don Giovanni. Not my favorite. I lean towards Penderecki. I hate to be a spoilsport, but did you see Bayley Tuesday night? Why would I? You might have, if you were having an affair with him. Well, that would be against university policy. The bottom line, she didn't alibi Bayley.

But she lied about having an affair with him. Men only let two kinds of women buy shoes for them, their mommies and their significant others. Hitchens' work visa expires in three months. Any extension has to be supported by the new chairman of her department.

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Assuming Sanders would support her and that she even wants to stay. She's bought a new subscription for the opera. She's applied for a driver's license. She's making herself at home. I didn't tell them about the shoes. It's that big detective who noticed them. That big detective is smart. He traced the shoes to the store. The whole thing's coming apart. People think Sanders had something to do with it. Now he won't get the chairmanship. It'll blow over. Just have your gum and get into bed.

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I doubt if Roland Sanders would want to keep Elizabeth on. He once accused her of being an apologist for Australia's shabby treatment of the aborigines. A graduate of the University of Sydney. Well, you could never tell by her accent. What else do you know about her? Well, she ran an educational foundation in Australia.

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Rising star at Oxford. If she's a rising star at Oxford, why leave in the first place? Whatever her plans, they don't matter now. Sanders has no hope of becoming chair. His candidacy is tainted. Who's next in line? Christine Fellowes. It's pretty much a lock.

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In theory. What about in practice? I'm not head of the department yet. Please, the regents will decide on Friday. The Devils of Loudon.

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You like opera? I'm getting to. This was a gift. There was a beautiful performance of Don Giovanni the other night. You would've loved it. I did.

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A friend took me. Friends with good taste, huh? One more thing. This professional student, Mark Bayley, would you give him an extension if you became chair? He's already written a thousand pages of his thesis and he's nowhere near done. He needs to go. Professor Hitchens will be sorry. Why would she? She thinks he's an idiot.

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Oh, no. I think she's been able to overlook his shortcomings. They've become close friends. At least, that's what we heard. I Your source is wrong. Elizabeth wouldn't violate university policy.