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As noted in the prior work on this subject, examples of the latter would include Facebook, Twitter and Google.

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Search engines in particular have to be planned for in specific ways so that they are used effectively. For example, Google and similar search engines have specific algorithms and such that have to be accounted for and planned for so as to get Namshi at the top of results lists, and with the right perception and perspective in play.

Other international or regional search engines that should be in play include Baidu, Yandex, Yamli, Eiktub and Yoolki. The last three of those are Arabic only but the use of those engines is necessary to catch both the English-speaking and Arabic markets. The ways to make the most use of those search engines and social media arenas is to purchase ads, purchase more prominent placement in search results, the use of keywords and other search engine optimization SEO tactics and tools to maximize the clicks that are generated due to more prominent placement and visibility that is seen in search engine and social media viewing when all of the above is done the right way.

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As partially noted earlier in this report, there is both a basic nature to the markets in question as well as a little complexity. Namshi, also as noted before, markets to six different countries.

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However, those countries commonly speak Arabic, English or both. Given that, the portals for each country have to be tailored to the norms, trends, laws and values of each country and they have to communicated in both English and Arabic in a way that resonates with people and that drives sales. The six countries in question, of course, are the target markets. The brand values will basically be the same for all of the countries and markets.

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It is all about being fashionable but with a Middle Eastern flair and culture vibe. Keeping the message as homogenous as possible is a good thing in many respects but adjustments must be made from country to country and from culture to culture as is necessary to drive sales and remain culturally sensitive. To state the obvious, target markets would be the groups and clusters of people that would be focused on dressing well and fashionably. This would obviously skew towards younger people and generations.


Women would obviously be more interested, comparatively speaking, than men. However, both men and women in their teen years or early adulthood will be the most target-rich demographics. Given that this is clearly a report about online marketing, the online efforts that could and should be used by Namshi will be enumerated and described now. One method that cannot be left aside or untouched is social media. The reason for this is that social media is the confluence of people and brands, society and commerce that is not currently seen anywhere else.

The other type of advertising and marketing that is both digital and indispensable is the aforementioned use of search engines. Something else that was spoken of before was that search engines must be in a way that is optimized, tailored and customized to what is being marketed, who is being marketed to and what the desired goals are of the marketing campaign. Obviously, sales of some sort are the goal but there are also other brand image and loyalty concerns that also has to be addressed.

There are also other efforts that Namshi should undertake including the following:. All of these efforts and types of advertising have the same overall goal. However, they form and function they serve and what makes them up is different. In general, there are three types of online marketing. Those types are earned media, paid media and owned media. There are items in each of those groups that are specific to that single group. However, there are other groups that are within two or even all three of the realms.

Namshi should be using all of these types. However, focus could and will be placed on items that hit two or three of the overall dimensions. The different subclasses and intersections are as follows:. The overall customer service strategy that Namshi should and will use is fairly basic. It takes on three major prongs and they must all be done in a proper and low-key yet effective way. They include the following:. There are a few other items that have to be kept in mind when doing the above so as to allow them to be done effectively.

This will allow for marketing to be done but in a way that the shoppers consent to and allow for.

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Timeline for — Some things are ongoing and always changing while other things occur in three months burst, each done as needed to keep sales fresh and going. The future for Namshi is pretty clear, yet also somewhat unpredictable and challenging. There will be things that are constant and static while there are other things that will be unpredictable and difficult to predict. In general, Namshi will need to be sensitive to the cultural, societal and legal implications of everything they do and say, both to customers and to the broader public.

App Store. Namshi General Trading L. C: Private Company Information — Bloomberg. Jordan, A. The 9 different types of digital marketing: Which is right for you? POP Content. Namshi Facebook. Namshi Instagram. Namshi LinkedIn. Namshi Twitter. The internet marketing offer many benefits for the art of sales marketing and media to a wider audience. This method is one of the best ways to promote a product and has a direct response to customers.

Anyone can be advertising the company directly from internet but it is not the solution for all the companies. To the struggle to achieve their business, some people guess if their plans are correct and whether it meets their expectations. Although some companies because they want to take economic opportunities for the promotion of their products, they use other kinds of marketing such as magazine or newspaper, television and Radio. This is because they focus on the disadvantages of the internet and not the benefits. So they lose the opportunities that offered by the internet marketing.

But with the proper information and the right administration companies can benefit sufficiently from the internet and they can have the right investment. The advantages that someone can think about internet marketing are many. Since the internet marketing is so widely available to all companies around the world, can acquire millions of customers with a few mouse clicks them.

However, like any advertising, except that there are some advantages and disadvantages of each internet. Companies should consider both sides to know if the view would be correct. They have to weighing their options and have the right kind of consumers they need to achieve, would surely find that the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Another of the benefits can be achieved by promoting a website is the cheapest and most flexible advertising. Great advantage is that the cost of electronic mail it is cheaper and can compare prices. Except that it is faster and easier it will be more accessible depending on customer needs. Because it is cheaper this will make buyers to repeat their purchase, so the proceeds will be many more. Thanks to internet marketing can be extended to overnight. The Internet marketing is much more different from print advertising and will be accessible for longer time.

If you want to change something from the ads will not need to put someone else do it for you. Of course this will not stop other types of advertising, but gives the buyer the opportunity to see the difference between potential customers and an l employer. Internet is in all geographical boundaries and is accessible whenever you want any of it can access to it.

So, your customers are from around the world and they can be able to access the Internet, and can shop anytime they want. Although there is no holiday days or close hours. There will no longer stop in time to market. With internet marketing will be able to find easily what they want, and are in categories so they can found it just with a keyword. The comfort of customers is still an advantage for business. A convenient person for investigation of product will seek, would go by car to buy or learn information about the product.

With the ease of internet it will become much easier since can go directly from the couch to make purchases and he can also learn information about the product.