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This morning, when he said, "See you, babe" to his wife, he hoped it, he truly hoped it. Stanza 2 Should the tissue tear, should he plunge through into violence, what clubbings, what gunshots between Phoebe's Whamburger and Louie's Place.

Stanza 3 and 4 Who would be him, gorilla with a nightstick, whose home is a place he might, this time, never get back to? And who would be who have to be his victims? Built like a gorilla but less timid, Thick-fleshed,steak-coloured,with two hieroglyphs in his face that mean trouble, he walks the sidewalk and thin tissue over violence. Ironically, as we realise in line 4, it is the cop who is being described here. Still, the cop does seem to have a meaningful relationship in his life. The suggestion is that his personal life will suffer in two main ways because of the violence he encounters on a daily basis: each day could be his last; his job negatively affects his personality.

Onomatopoeia This second stanza - a one-sentence list of brutal acts - effectively conveys moral and social themes. The cop seems to enjoy this chance to express his violent nature; the gun and nightstick are symbols of masculinity and power. Who would be him, gorilla with a nightsick whose home is a place he might, this time, never get back to? Stanza 3 Metaphor Emotive Parenthesis for emphasis This second-last stanza is the first of two rhetorical questions.

Do you think this is a stereotypical image of a policeman? Quote two examples from the lines and explain why they make you feel this way. Quote a line that shows the difference between his personality at work and his personality at home.

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Explain your answer fully, including how you feel about the character. Explain fully how the techniques have changed and why you think the poet does this. Answers- Stanza 1 2. MacCaig ppt. MacCaig revision table1. Memorial Qs. Norman MacCaig Revision. Brooklyn Cop annotations. Brooklyn cop handout.

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Hotel Room, 12th Floor. Aunt Julia.

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Aunt Julia notes. Education Scotland resources — Maccaig. Quotes, Analysis, Evaluation. Telegram essay2. The Telegram essay. The Telegram Unit. Comparison Question2. H Evaluation questions. H Final comparison question.

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Imagery new. Comparison question Question types Higher ruae homework-newspaper-articles ruae-passages ruae-passages. Understanding questions higher new.

Visiting Hour - Norman MacCaig (read by Dave Stewart)

Understanding questions higher. CR Higher Answer Scheme. CR Higher Booklet. The Great Gatsby Mini The Great Gatsby Notes Gatsby Character Notes Analysing a quotation helpful-quotes symbols-in-gatsby gatsby-revision critical-essays-in-higher-english gatsby-essay-questions character-profiles the-great-gatsby. Analysing a Quotation Duffy. Duffy ppt. Duffy questions. This is where the pupil needs to explain how the extract or poem they have been provided with links to another aspect of the text or at least one other poem.

They should outline the key themes that are explore and linked this to the initial question.

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The next 2 marks are awarded for analysing and evaluating how the extract or poem provided relate to the initial question. It is important that pupils remember that, unlike National 5, they do not receive marks for providing a direct textual reference but instead all marks allocated based on the depth of analysis and evaluation provided.

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Pupils are encouraged to make reference to two examples instead of one. The final 6 marks are awarded for analysing and evaluating at least three examples from other parts of the text or at least one other poem in relation to the initial question. Similarily, pupils are encouraged to provide more than 3 examples to achieve 6 marks. The second part of the critical reading paper involves pupils writing a critical essay based on a text taught in class.

This must be a different genre to their Scottish text. Pupils should spend approximately 45 minutes writing this response and should aim to write approximately words. The exam paper will contain 2 essay questions for each genre. Pupils will select one of these questions.

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In order to writre a successful and effective critical essay pupils should make effective use of textual references, make implicit and explicit references to the question throughout their response, analyse and evaluate textual references, structure their response in a coherent and fluent manner and write in an accurate and stylish manner. The pupils will be provided with two non-fiction newspaper articles, that focus on the same topic. Pupils need to complete a portfolio by the start of March. This is submitted to the SQA for extrenal assessment.

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Pupils must submit a broadly discursive piece of writing discursive, persuasive or informative and a broadly creative piece personal, short story, opening chapter, poem,monlogue…. At Higher, each piece must be at least words. The word limit for each piece is 1, words. These should be inserted into the SQA template and printed off, singled sided and not stapled. Link to course page on SQA website here.