essay for medical internship

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I am Rakshanaa. My ambition is to be a good teacher. I will be kind to my pupils. I will teach students carefully.


I will teach them good habits. I will teach English, Science and Mathematics. Every day I shall give them homework. I will help them to do well in their studies. I will educate them to eat good food. I will tell everyone to be good friends. I will test their knowledge every week by giving them a test. I like to teach the upper grade students. I shall organise competitions.

It is a noble profession. In medical line, there is much more scope of service. One can serve the patients everywhere in the country. This is my personal choice. My parents have not compelled me to select it. I wish to become a very successful doctor in future. So I am studying hard to achieve my target. I have keen interest in the medical line, so I do not feel any trouble in studying at all. After obtaining the medical degree, I plan to work in rural areas where there is much shortage of doctors.

My father is a well off man and I do not have any financial problem. I do not have the lust for money.

My Ambition in Life Essay for Students, Short essay 270 words.

I will visit the rural areas and will help poor people. It would be best sort of service. This will give me extreme satisfaction and that is the aim of my life.

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I know, my profession is very dignified and it will help me to get peace and satisfaction in life. It provides one the best chances of service. I like your essay and strength and talent. You help me for my handwriting competition.

So Thank you so much for this essay. My teacher give me essay to write. Without seeing book or. It is so helpus for me…. Love the paragraph. Your email address will not be published. About Vision Website Inauguration Function.

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