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The scale was a rather valid and reliable assessment tool in determining the parents' and teachers' expectations of school nurses' roles. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

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What's the Job of a School Nurse?

Abstract Objectives Many studies concerning the roles and functions of school nurses exist, however, such studies are very limited in Turkey and there is any research on a comprehensive measuring tool that can evaluate teachers' and parents' perceptions and expectations of school nurses roles.

Results The content validity index for the scale was 0. Conclusions The scale was a rather valid and reliable assessment tool in determining the parents' and teachers' expectations of school nurses' roles. Keywords Nurse's role. It is clear that young people's access to and engagement with school nurse services was good and led to beneficial outcomes in relation to emotional health and a variety of lifestyle issues. Opportunities for development of services were apparent in the gaps and barriers identified in the papers.

This included the need for consistent evaluation and support to enable this. Although some robust measures were used to measure impact, there was a reliance on descriptive reporting in over half of the papers identified. The general absence of formal evaluation activities reveals evaluation as an area for future development for school nurses. The findings suggest that national guidance needs to be developed to provide a framework for evaluation of practice, which is achievable within the challenges to implementation including available time and resources.

It is important that there is access to practical support for evaluation and impact measurement including the dissemination of findings. Future research is needed to develop guidance for evaluation and would need to examine evidence of good practice in evaluation. Further research should consider the impact of formal guidance and seek to explore the views of school nurses and stakeholders in the value and effectiveness of the implementation of the guidance in practice.

35 Good Research Topics for Nursing Students

Current evaluation of practice should follow the recommendations within this paper and should:. The value of the school nurse role has been given increasing recognition in recent DH policy, which sets out a vision and model for school nursing services that are central to improved outcomes for children and young people DH, b.

From this strengthened position, school nurses are in a better position than ever before to measure their outcomes and make a case for services designed to meet local needs. Summary of papers.

Conflict of interest: None declared. British Journal of School Nursing Vol. Gillian Turner Search for more papers by this author. Sean Mackay Search for more papers by this author. Abstract School nurse contacts provide an opportunity for interventions with children, yet evidence suggests that there is limited evaluation of the outcomes of these interventions.

School Nurse Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

Inclusion and exclusion criteria Inclusion Exclusion Articles published between — Articles published before Reported school nurse practice in England Did not report school nurse practice in England Relevant to the research questions Not relevant to the research questions Broadly related to behaviour change, mental health or emotional health and wellbeing Did not relate to behaviour change, mental health or emotional health and wellbeing.

View as image HTML. Evaluation methods of the literature Evaluation method Number of articles Descriptive reporting 15 Questionnaires 3 Focus groups 2 Interviews 3 Case study 1 Reflection on practice 1 Standardised tools only 1 Mixed methods 2 including standardised tools 3. Low referrals for girls, work to explain and address imbalance needed. Support for nurses needed including training, access to advice.

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  8. SDQ found to be useful tool for assessment and evaluation. Some difficulties engaging schools—maybe due to teacher turnover and different perspectives of new staff. Mixed methods qualitative and quantitative Individual work—standardised measures SDQ. Transition project—visual analogue scale and free text questionnaire. Nurse observations on whole project Butler Health Matters website to raise profile of school nurse service and provide health messages and resources e.

    Online survey completed by over pupils—results to be analysed and plan future developments. Focus groups, online survey and descriptive report p. Change to pilot to use skill mix in team to carry out the work as a result but no outcome available Descriptive reporting p. Emotional Health and Wellbeing: Emotional health project Good multi-agency working led to commissioning of citywide service for weekly meetings of multi-agency forum to provide support for YP Descriptive reporting Chilvers Facebook page to increase access to appointments, give health information, signpost Pilot due to go live, audit and evaluation planned after 2 terms to include site user and non-user views, statistics regarding site usage.

    YP involvement a success. Sustainability unknown before audit and evaluation. Descriptive reporting Clapp Fortnightly mobile sexual health and contraceptive service for YP delivered in variety of venues e. Engaging young people Significant rise in number of students receiving sexual health advice and treatment, other advice friendship issues, acne, exams, binge drinking. Increasing numbers accessing each week. Descriptive reporting Davies Talking Wellbeing workshop. Can be used effectively as part of lessons Engaging YP Development involved focus groups with 40 CYP, production of draft version, field-testing with 60 YP aged and production of final version Focus groups re: pack development.

    Description of project. Davis Smoking cessation health promotion campaign Prescription of nicotine patches and drop-in clinics have brought success no detail of what the success is. Peer group leaders have encouraged others to give up smoking no numbers or approaches used.

    The Impact of Comprehensive School Nursing Services on Students' Academic Performance

    YP engagement, including public health conference presentation. Descriptive reporting Department of Health n. Supporting health, wellbeing and educational attainment: a focus on the most vulnerable children and YP: Teen Health clinic Drop-In p. Supporting health, wellbeing and educational attainment: a focus on the most vulnerable children and YP: Teen Health clinic Drop-In Increased engagement with YP—85 contacts per school per quarter, easy access to clinic.

    Improved relationships with staff and students, so increased profile of SN Descriptive reporting p.

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    Texting—an effective way for professionals to communicate with YP: Text service p. Texting—an effective way for professionals to communicate with YP: Text service YP engagement through consultation about preferred method of communication. YP access to SN improved, leading to increased referrals Positive feedback.

    Successful way of communicating with YP. Many texts sent by YP in late evening More efficient use of time and resources Descriptive reporting, no detail of consultation or audit used p. Text Health: Mobile phone service p. Text Health: Mobile phone service Engaging vulnerable and at risk YP YP engagement in consultations about service redesign and development of promotional materials and website.

    Local guidance developed Descriptive reporting, no detail of consultation p. Technology: Website access: SN website p.

    A School Nurse’s Perspective on Digital Immunization Data

    Technology: Website access: SN website Publicity material and website developed. No further outcomes noted, report of website aims and content only Descriptive reporting p. Raised profile of SN service, enabled prompt response to student queries. Descriptive reporting p. A health education lesson on smoking aimed at year six children so that they are empowered before transition to high school to say no: Targeted smoking education for children age Children able to identify health risks and make informed decisions Descriptive reporting but states post lesson evaluations p.

    Coping with significant change and loss: Seasons for Growth Grief Education: Peer support group for significant loss Positive change for children—improved capacity to manage feelings and make good choices, improved self-esteem, improved relationships and communication with adults, improved classroom work and engagement in school activities. QNI funding gained for project and over children supported Descriptive reporting but states independent evaluation p. Sharing of information for young people involved in the criminal justice system: Health input in YOS e.

    Improved SN communication and assessment with YP Descriptive reporting but states audit carried out p.


    Management of Self-Harm within the school setting. Clinic in a box—it works!

    NASN Research Priorities 12222‐2020

    Access to appropriate support provided for these girls. Descriptive reporting see also Lynch, p.