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She presented her paper "A widening digital divide and its impacts on existing social inequalities and democracy in Pakistan" to the Digital Divide Working Group. Read more Antonio Pasquali We are very sad to report the death of Antonio Pasquali, who died at the age of 90 on October 5th in the city of Reus in Catalonia, Spain. He was an important Latin American communication scholar with a global reach whose life was dedicated to intellectual work, research, teaching and writing.

Communication for Development CfP. CPT co-organises conference. A great networking opportunity. She sent us her reflections about the experience. The Section welcomes panels and papers on all aspects of research on media and cultural production from anyone with an interest in these areas, regardless of rank or experience. Papers and panels that address notions of centres and peripheries, in line with the overall conference theme, are of course welcome — but other submissions are very welcome too. Mediatization may be understood both as a new agenda within media and communication studies and as a broad theoretical framework to understand the role of the media in culture and society.

As an agenda it is concerned with the empirical study of the long-term processes where media change have consequences for social and cultural change and how these changes may provide new conditions for communication and social interaction in contemporary culture and society. As a theoretical framework it tries to develop concepts, models and methods to understand these interrelationships based on a constructive dialogue with existing theories of media and communication.

We invite paper, panel and poster proposals on both theoretical and empirical questions. Proposals may for instance address: historical as well as contemporary aspects of mediatization, critical perspectives on interrelationships between communicative, social and cultural change, and the interplay between mediatization and other general processes such as globalization and personalization. Somerville — ijas1 leicester.

Communication Studies

The section for Organizational and Strategic Communication promotes an active and critical dialogue among scholars with the aim of consolidating an interdisciplinary field which includes public relations, corporate communication, advertising, marketing, political communication, organizational communication and other specialized communication areas.

The overall objective of the section is to enhance European research within the field of organizational and strategic communication by mapping out and theorising the conceptual and methodological background of contemporary practice. Therefore, the participation rules of the section allow contributions from researchers, professors, masters and doctoral students, as well as from practitioners in relevant fields. The Philosophy of Communication section invites papers and panel proposals that deal with fundamental philosophical and theoretical issues in communication inquiry and practice, including questions of theory formation and methodology, old and new paradigms of communication research, key concepts in media and communication studies, new approaches to media philosophy, the contribution of specific philosophers to the field, epistemological and ethical problems of communication and media, and the role of the media in human existence.

The section welcomes contributions from philosophers and communication scholars representing all philosophical and communication-theoretical perspectives and schools. We welcome papers that address issues such as: the implications of mediated and mediatized politics on the quality of modern democracy; the European political communication deficit; the link between political communication and media policy, new journalistic practices, but also rising antagonistic civic communicative inputs, practices and processes of the mediation and mediatization of politics.

Similarly, we invite papers on communication strategies and news management of political elites; campaign communication; citizenship and public sphere; media effects on political orientations and participation; as well as interpersonal and online political communication. Papers that take a comparative view on political communication in Europe are very welcome. The section aims to bring together, and encourage critical and interdisciplinary approaches while creating dialogue between a broad diversity of methodological and theoretical approaches.

Radio has always been peripheral in Communication Studies. Despite of its social relevance, radio and sound languages were neglected for long time.

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So, aware of the necessity to recentre some attention on the acoustic experience, Radio Research Section welcomes proposals focused not only on radio productions but more widely on sound-based media content. In tune with the conference theme, the section invites researchers to submit proposals discussing how sound may shape the interpretation of social and cultural life. Whole panel proposals are also welcome, although there will inevitably be pressure on the available timeslots in the programme.

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The 21st century faces unprecedented challenges in the environment and science fields. The Science and Environment Communication section seeks to foster a strong, reflexive and dynamic research network and welcomes work that crosses a range of disciplinary and methodological boundaries. The Television Studies section aims to facilitate strong cooperation for European research and education in the field of television studies. The phenomenon of television in its broadest sense is the topic of the section: TV as programme, TV as aesthetic form, TV as lived experience, TV as cultural and economic institution, TV as part of legal and political actions, TV as symbolic field of cultural production, TV as popular entertainment, TV as media technology, TV as commodity, TV as part of convergence culture, etc.

The section welcomes various approaches theoretical, analytical, historical, empirical, critical, methodological and encourages inter- and transdisciplinary work on television. For this conference, we would particularly but not only like to hear from researchers working on television as a medium of transition, on continuities and disruptions in television history, on changes in audience behaviour and the social relevance of television.

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All contributions should look at television in the broadest sense like mentioned above. Classroom experiences with the refugee children might entail also wider analyses and examples of communication among teachers, children and their families. So, this issue also raises the question of the relations between centre and peripheries and opens up perspectives from various angles: educational, epistemological, political, ethical … Please state your intention in a note to dr. YECREA provides a forum for the segment within ECREA that involves but is not limited to doctoral students and post doctoral researchers to inform, assist, share ideas, get peer support and peer review.

A special emphasis is put on PhD-programme support. Temporary working groups.

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The Advertising Research Temporary Working Group was established due to our firm belief that advertising is a particularly salient area of inquiry today. Ever since, advertising is an integral part of these media societies. On this account, advertising should also be a vital part of communication and media research. These developments need to be accompanied by a strong institutional body that fosters scientific exchange, supports collaborative research and allows for an intercultural understanding among scholars. The Advertising Research Temporary Working Group sets out to strengthen theoretical reasoning, critical reflection and empirical exploration in advertising research as an inherent part of communication and media studies.

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As a distinct field, advertising research reflects the role and impact of advertising in view of the entirety of media societies and mass communication. Children, youth and media Open calls 2 slots in final programme Contact: Elisabeth Staksrud — elisabeth. The Children, Youth and Media Temporary Working Group TWG serves as a Europe-wide network for researchers and educators interested in the analysis of all kinds of media- and communication-related activities undertaken by, for, and about children and young people.

Children are people, and singular individuals and citizens. This leaves gaping holes of knowledge at both ends of the spectrum, by excluding a significant and large part of the population. This TWG aims to put a much needed spotlight on children and youth in a thoroughly mediated society, both drawing together and giving visibility to the array of existing theory, findings and perspectives and also stimulating new approaches and further research in this important area. Communication and the European public sphere Invited panel 1 slot in final programme Contact: Alina Bargaoanu — abargaoanu comunicare.

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The TWG aims to shed light on the impact of the European public sphere on the future of European integration. The results of the discussions within the TWG will impact significantly on the analysis of EU Communication and the European public sphere.

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