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How to change the window border color in windows 8-howtogeek into a sub nav menu for thesis theme 'thesis 'thesis_nav_menu'); // remove top nav menu. I finally found the perfect theme for my blog and i want the background to be black.

Each page is assigned a number, but showing numbers on the title page, signature page and dedication page is optional. Items in list are numbered with lower case Roman numerals.

Page Numbers (Thesis/Dissertation Formatting)

Items use Arabic numbers beginning with 1. Numbers should then continue straight through to end of thesis, including appendix if applicable. Page numbering can be done in two ways. Centered numbers at the top or bottom of the page are also acceptable. Type size for the thesis should be between 10pt and 12pt and should be consistent throughout the thesis--in text, figure captions, and table titles. Any unusual type style should be approved in advance by the Graduate School; script type may not be used.

Equations, formulas and words within figures must also be typed. Thesis margins should be 1 inch from all edges. The right edge of the text may be either justified all lines the same length or ragged lines varying in length. The body of the text of the thesis is double spaced with about six single spaces per vertical inch.

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With 1 inch top and bottom margins; page lengths usually vary from 24 to 27 lines. Table titles, figure captions, and chapter headings are single-spaced. Footnotes and entries in the Contents and Bibliography are also single-spaced, with double spaces between entries. Quotations of four or more lines may be single spaced or double spaced depending upon the formatting or style guide used.

The first line of paragraphs or footnotes is indented uniformly in the thesis.

The number of spaces for this indent depends on the style. A student should choose a hierarchy of headings and subheadings for a thesis and use it consistently. The spacing above and below headings should be uniform throughout. Examples of headings are provided on the sample pages. The student may choose another style. The title page contains the thesis title; candidate's name; candidate's degrees, granting institutions, and dates received; statement shown on sample page "A thesis submitted to The signature page is included as page ii between title page and abstract and contains lines for at least two signatures, the chair and one other member.

The statement at the bottom of the page, as shown in the sample, must be included. The page is included in the uploaded pdf version with blank lines, and contains no actual signatures. Your thesis is not considered to be complete until this page is received. See sample signature page.

Page Contents

The abstract provides a succinct, descriptive account of the thesis. It is limited to words and should include specific details for indexing. The abstract must include your name, the initials of your degree, your department, thesis title, and faculty advisor - as shown in the sample abstract page. The abstract within the actual pdf document may still be words, but you will need to prepare a shortened version to place on the profile page.

The acknowledgment mentions persons or groups that contributed to the thesis or provided funding. Chapter 1 of a thesis is usually the introduction. However, if a separate introduction precedes Chapter 1, it is still regarded as part of the thesis rather than as preliminary material and its pages are numbered in Arabic numerals rather than Roman numerals.

A glossary of terms may be included as a separate page as the final page in the introductory material with the appropriate lower case Roman numeral or as an appendix with the appropriate Arabic number.

Word for Mac - page numbers and table of contents

Tables are placed immediately after their first mention in the text, either on a text page or on a separate sheet. They may be numbered consecutively within each chapter or throughout the thesis. Tables that will not fit within the required margins may be typed in smaller type or may be reduced; they also may be printed broadside with the top toward the left margin.

Table titles and footnotes may appear above or below the table, but should be consistent throughout the document. Table footnotes have no relation to text footnotes. Figures are placed immediately after their first mention. They may appear on the text page or on a separate page. They should fit within the standard thesis margins. Figure captions may appear above or below the figure, but should be consistent throughout the document. Captions should fit within the standard margins and are not reduced if the figures are reduced.

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Figures may be printed broadside, with the top toward the left margin; the caption then appears beneath the figure and is typed from bottom to top of the page within the standard margins. Footnotes to a figure are typed immediately below the figure, above the caption. References in a thesis may be cited by footnotes, author-year citations, or numbered bibliography. Footnotes are indicated by superscript numbers in the text.

Table of Contents - Thesis and Dissertation - Research Guides at Sam Houston State University

They may be placed at the foot of each page or at the end of each chapter. Footnotes at the bottom of the page may be numbered either beginning with 1 on each page or consecutively throughout a chapter. When footnotes are used, the bibliography includes all references cited in the notes and additional sources and is arranged alphabetically.

Footnotes may be typed in a smaller size than the text or in the same size; they are usually single-spaced with a double space between notes. References within the text may be cited by using the author's or authors' last name s and the year of publication and a page number for direct quotations. These references refer to works cited in an alphabetically arranged bibliography. The bibliography lists books, articles or other works consulted in preparing the thesis. It is included even if end notes or footnotes are used.

If you did, insert the section break again search Word's help to find how to do this in your version of Word. Put your cursor on the first page after the section break p. It sounds like you've added a section break.

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Because page numbers are set to start at 2 in the first section of you thesis, Microsoft Word may be interpreting this new section as a repeat of the first section of your thesis. To remedy this problem, put your cursor in this new section, go into the page number format, and check Continue From Previous Section.

This problem comes from an older version of Word the old Library templates used this feature and seems to be part of the incompatibilities with the more recent versions of Word and later. In the older version of Word, rather than inserting the page numbers via the footer function, they were inserted via the old version's menu, which inserted the page numbers in boxes.