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Exciting topics for a geography research paper

Log In Sign Up. Study Tips. Richard Johnson , You said you absolutely love the history I'm doing writing a research paper on Geography and how this essay topic is different for others topics. Mike Nerdy , research paper writer Physical geology then again has its primary spotlight on understanding the procedures and also designs found in the common habitat instead of the assembled condition.

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Ask a New Question Topic. Ask question anonymously. Continue Cancel. Has your question already been asked? In other parts of the world there are concerns about the use of drugs to prevent bleeding many US states. Australia is seen as being well governed, having a high level of integrity and as an important player on the world stage.

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This makes them more vulnerable to hidden abuse. Many of the issues except live baiting in the greyhound industry also apply in the thoroughbred and standard bred industries e. And the industry is already voluntarily changing due to these social pressures. In second year students are introduced to the thoroughbred industry as part of a virtual fieldtrip to the Hunter Region, which also includes the interaction with industries such as coal mining, coal seam gas and viticulture. One can then progress to complete an Honours year doing research looking at human-animal relationships.

Sophie Webber , a lecturer in the School of Geosciences conducts research about the politics of climate change adaptation and resilience. She has worked on projects in Jakarta, Indonesia and small islands in the Pacific region that are most vulnerable to change impacts.

3 Mistakes Students Make On Their Geography Term Paper

Her work focuses on the limitations of existing adaptation and resilience policies, including climate services. That can include seasonal forecasts, climate projections and scenarios, or decision-making aids and platforms. In order to have successful adaptation, everyone needs to be well informed. But using markets as a mechanism for communicating between producers and users of climate information is fundamentally flawed. What happens when a vulnerable country or vulnerable person cannot pay to access that information? For instance, perhaps a civil engineer in the Solomon Islands needs more accessible and more relevant climate projections in order to know how to build the most resilient road infrastructure to withstand the magnitude and intensity of future storms and sea level rises.

The interesting thing about Webbers studies and geography in general is you always need a holistic perspective.

Human Geography

In Australia, our climate actions — or lack thereof — have effects that ripple out, with profound implications for countries in the Pacific. Webber studied geography at university before finding a career analysing climate change adaptation. First year subjects at University encourage students to think geographically. By second year students are able to apply this way of thinking to environmental and resource management challenges across a host of units. Gillespie is a legal geographer whose research examines the impact and effectiveness of environmental laws, particularly those surrounding world heritage places and wetlands.

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  4. Josephine completed her PhD on conservation law in Cambodia. This required her to investigate the translation of heritage laws to local communities and landscapes so they could put in place more effective guidelines to safeguard the landscape. The sixth extinction event refers to the predicted loss of a wide array of species as a result of a changing environment which is likely to have severely negative affects to our ecosystems.

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    From , science study options will be better than ever before, with new majors and greater graduate outcomes. The University of Sydney has introduced a new fixed ATAR system so students can have complete transparency and immediate certainty when choosing courses. This will apply to most undergraduate degree programs offered by the University. University home.

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    Type to search Search. All content. Our geography department is the oldest in Australia and one of the best internationally. One of the reasons geography is such a great discipline is because it spans so many areas. We have people studying the soil and water, cities and history, politics and culture. Often when I meet geographers, I find that they came from other disciplines. Because of its porousness, geography offers opportunities to make connections across boundaries and offers a lot of latitude in terms of research, which is how I have ended up working on such a wide range of topics.