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Door to the Cosmos Issue 4: Occult. Where Have all The Flowers Gone? Issue Roots.

Owens Valley Hydrogeology

Accessible Amusement Issue 8: Sex. Inventory of Undergarments Issue 8: Sex.

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Athanasius Kircher Issue 4: Occult. Megan Rosenbloom Issue 4: Occult.

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The Aquarian Age Issue 4: Occult. Mothers of Magic Issue 4: Occult. Spirit Photography in the Archives Issue 4: Occult. Kudos Issue 4 Issue 4: Occult. Astrological Archives Issue 4: Occult. Missionary Position Issue 8: Sex. Fight for the Living Issue 8: Sex. Organizers, Unionize! Issue 5: Organize. The Manly P. Hall Archive Issue 4: Occult. The Audacity of Pants Issue 3: Awards. Recent Events Issue 4: Occult.

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Interview Andrea Kalas Issue 3: Awards. Kudos Issue 3 Issue 3: Awards. Intro to Content Editing uncategorized. Thing Archives of Thirst Issue 2: Disasters. Aqueduct Digital Platform Issue 2: Disasters. Issue 2: Disasters.

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  • Vision or Villainy: Origins of the Owens Valley-Los Angeles Water Controversy.

Kudos Issue 2 Issue 2: Disasters. Person Mark Clements Issue 1: Labor. Researcher Tobias Higbie Issue 1: Labor. Nameless Multitudes Issue 1: Labor.

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Kudos Issue 1 Issue 1: Labor. Single Edit Column Edit. Thing explores archival culture by highlighting historic documents, collections, exhibits, and artifacts. As they have it : One hundred years ago, on November 5, , cattle ranchers and citrus orchard barons, city boosters and citizens gathered on the banks of the cascades feeding the San Fernando Reservoir to witness the first water from the Owens River surge into a thirsty city.

Francis Dam in , the deadliest disaster in California history. Mulholland also will point out that a recent study by geological engineer J. Rolfe contends that Mulholland ignored a cautionary study conducted before the dam was built. After the dam collapse, Mulholland. Not too much later, he committed suicide, perhaps realizing his dream of an eternal monument had been mortal folly. Hogwash, says Catherine Mulholland. First, she pointed out that her grandfather, though he felt profound guilt and sadness over the tragedy, died seven years later.


A death certificate? Alfred A. Knopf, New York, NY. Kahrl, William L. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Visualizing the interface between infrastructure, ecology, and culture

Katz, Michael B. Doucet, and Mark J. Mrozowski, Stephen A. Ziesing, and Mary C. University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst. Nelson, Dick Men and Mules. Intake 48 10 :4—6. Nunis, Doyce B. Osborne, Henry Z. Concrete-Cement Age 3 6 — Rawls, James J. McGraw-Hill, Inc. Reckner, Paul E.

Historical Archaeology 33 1 — Rogge, A.