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As a general rule, references should be given for direct quotations, summaries or your own paraphrases of other people's work or points of view, and for material that is factual, statistical, controversial, assertive or obscure. You must cite more than just direct quotes. Essays that do not provide specific page references in each citation will be automatically failed without an opportunity to resubmit.

Why Chicago Style Footnotes? It is not necessary to use archaic terms like ibid or op cit. If you are citing more than one work by the same author, then include the title as well. Titles are to be put into italics or underlined. See the above webpages for further details and formats as to how to cite journals, multiple authors, collections, etc.

Footnotes may optionally on occasion contain additional relevant short comments on the cited source but in general this practice is discouraged. An adequate bibliography for this assignment will contain no less than six books or journal articles related to the topic. Seminar readings are acceptable as citable sources. An example of a bibliographic entry is as follows:. Smith, John. Submission of Essays. Essays are to be submitted to the instructor on the due date in lecture.

Electronic Submission of Essays. If you find it necessary to submit an essay by e-mail, the following file naming protocol is to be used:. Any attached file not using this exact naming protocol will not be accepted. Only MS Word files preferred in. The submission of files by e-mail will usually be acknowledged within two days. A hard copy of the essay is to be submitted at the next opportunity. Indicate on the front of the hardcopy the date you had e-mailed the essay to me previously. The e-mailed essay will secure your submission date. Obviously the hard copy is to be exactly identical with the e-mailed copy.

Hard copies of previously e-mailed essays not indicating the e-mail date on the cover will be assigned the date of the submission of the hard copy with no appeal accepted.

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Hardcopy Submission of Essays. Do not slip essays under my door or into my mail-box. I will guarantee essay returns with comments by the day of the exam only to those essays submitted to me on the due date, in hard copy, in required format, in lecture. All other essays will be marked after the exam and arrangements may be made to get your essay mark by e-mail after the final marks have been submitted.

Late Penalties and Extensions. Extensions may be granted on medical or compassionate grounds but will be automatically penalized three 3 marks regardless.

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Students requesting an extension should submit an e-mailed request to me before the deadline specifying precisely the date to which they are requesting the extension. After the due date, students need to provide appropriate documentation relating to the extension request i. Essays submitted under an extension must have my written response to the extension request attached to the front of the essay.

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Submissions without my extension approval attached to their front will be penalized as late with no opportunity of appeal afterward. No late work will be accepted after the last day of lecture or extensions granted beyond the last lecture day. If I do not acknowledge the receipt of your e-mailed essay within a few days, it is your responsibility to ensure I have received it.

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Keep copies of all work, including marked assignments returned to you and e-mails of your submissions until your final course mark is released. Re-submissions of earlier e-mailed essays "lost" in transmission, should such an unlikely scenario occur, will only be accepted in the form of a f orwarded copy of the original e-mail.

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There are no exceptions to this. Outstanding assignments will not be accepted after the last day of lecture. Earning Marks. The Cold War. This is the major research assignment for your History 12 course.

Interesting Essay Topics About The Cold War: 20 Unique Ideas

You will need to do a considerable amount of independent research ; therefore you will need to consider a number of possible sources for information , including, but not limited to:. Your essay will be approximately 2, - words double spaced, typed, pages in length.

Download this assignment. The general topic of your term paper will be the Cold War era. You will develop your own research question on a smaller topic of your choosing which must be approved by me. Here are some general topics you may consider. You are permitted to choose an alternate topic for your research essay.

You must, however, have your topic approved by me first. Cold War Studies at Harvard University. Online Speeches. Tutorial Assistance and Deadlines: The very best way to assure my assistance is to make an appointment and I will be sure to be here.